The Entrepreneurial Empowerment Experience

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Helping entrepreneurs who struggle with ADHD implement Structure, Systems, and Strategies to increase sales and scale their business.

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What is it?...

The Entrepreneurial Empowerment Experience is a 8-week

group coaching program that will be delivered in a hybrid format with a combination of online learning, lectures, and live interactive sessions.

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Weekly training sessions

We’ll spend 1-2 hrs focusing on a specific areas that are necessary to grow a 5-star business.

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Create Systems

Resources, tools, and templates provided to help your business flow seamlessly.

People at Business Training Sit and Discuss Issues


group sessions

We’ll meet once a week to discuss your specific business needs and work with you to resolve them.

Diploma Education Certification

Customer Service CertificatE

Training tools to communicate professionally and effectively resulting in clients bragging about services, resolving complaints and minimizing conflicts.

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Implement Structure

A daily mode of operations that guides your professional work day.

Marketing business plan and development  strategy.

Develop Strategies

A detailed marketing plan to reach your specific audience.

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You will experience working with a fantastic group of like-minded business owners who will come along side you to offer support, resources and guidance through every phase of the program.

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Who would benefit from the

Entrepreneurial Empowerment Experience?

Are you an entrepreneur with ADD/ADHD* struggling to take your business to the next level?

  • Do you have the vision, passion, and creativity, but lack the focus, consistency, time management, and organization to make it happen?

  • Is your business going from exciting to exhausting, expending energy on mundane tasks instead of allowing you to work in your core genius?

  • Are you eager to implement winning strategies that will drive endless clients to your business?

  • Are you determined to get out of the workplace and enjoy living life on your own terms?

If so, then it's time to make your entrepreneurial dream a reality! Break free from the monotony and take back control of your business with strategies that will help you to succeed!

*You can benefit from this program even if you do not have ADD/ADHD.

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What will you get from the

Entrepreneurial Empowerment Experience?

This course is designed to provide you with tools and strategies needed to implement structure and systems to help you manage your ADHD symptoms in order to scale your business. As a result of this group coaching program, you will:

Be Set Up to Set it Off

Stop letting your emotions run your business. Let us help you take charge by establishing a clear plan for what, how, and when you work.

Get Set Up for Success

Acquiring and retaining clients is key to success. Let us help you develop effective systems for both, so you can elevate your business to the next level.

Go With the Flow

Don't let a lack of organization ruin your reputation. We'll provide you to the tools to help you streamline your operations so that you can focus on delivering the best experience possible to your customers."

Strategize to Monetize

Why wait for customers to find you. Let's find those who need what you have. It's time to make your business visible and stand out from the crowd.

Make Money Moves

Develop income generating activities and identify where they fit in your business.

Be What You Want to See

We will share some customer service best practices to help you become Ritz Carlton status in your industry

Learn your personal ABC’s

(Bonus Session)

We will dive into the root of who you are and why you do what you do, so you can develop more positive habits, attitudes, and behaviors that will ultimately enhance the way you do business.

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So, if you...


Desire to be more productive in your business and would benefit from having someone walk you through it...


Want a better way of staying organized to capture leads, submit proposals, and get contracts signed...


Need to promote more effectively to attract your ready to buy customers/clients...


Would like reliable accountability and support to get you to the next level.

Sign up below to discover & implement the exact steps I’ve used to help multiple/various clients achieve their biggest goals in business.

Then the Entrepreneurial Empowerment Experience was designed for you.


Start 10/02/23

Who is Danielle Dixon?

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She is a Neurolinguistic Practitioner and Certified Holistic Life, Business, and Executive Coach who received her BA in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University. She founded her company Bridging Visions Coaching & Development in 2008 after experiencing continuinous disappointment in her corporate career. Her primary clients are Business Owners and Sr. Executives of major corporations.

Using her experience of living with ADHD and her prior work experience in project management, compliance, and quality assurance, Danielle designed the Entrepreneurial Empowerment Experience group coaching program to help busy entrepreneurs scale their business by working with them hands on to create structures and systems that will set them up for success.

The 3E Group Coaching was birthed in 2018 by Danielle Dixon for these reasons:

  • After being forced to temporarily halt her business to be a caretaker for her father when he was diagnosed with cancer, she realized she did not structure her business to function seamlessly in her absence.
  • From her own frustrations and hundreds of entrepreneurs she coach share their frustration in their business due to feeling overwhelmed, unorganized, and lacking work life balance.
  • From her personal struggle with ADHD and how it had a negative impact on her managing her business without systems, strategies, and structure.

For leisure, Danielle enjoys planning events to entertain family and friends, traveling, dancing, and loving on her one-year old grandson.

This course was created for entrepreneurs who are ready to MAXIMIZE the Strengths and MINIMIZE their Weakness.


Here’s What Others Had to Say about the Entrepreneurial Empowerment Experience

I am way more organized with my workload. I am able to focus on single projects and block out other work distractions. Before, I always felt like I was multitasking when certain things required my undivided attention. Some days, I felt exhausted but now, I feel more fulfilled during the workday.

P. Silves, Sr Program Manager

Working with Danielle as my coach has been a rewarding and eye-opening experience. She has an ability to effectively connect and meet you where you are. There was a lot of laughter! She immediately identified tools and resources that would work for me as an individual to assist in my growth process. There is a unique quality about Danielle that allowed me to feel comfortable with her pushing me past my comfort zone, which has increased my growth professionally and personally beyond what I expected in six months. I am proud of this work and couldn't have done it without you!

S. Gore, Sr. Manager

I can be myself, admit my struggles, and not worry about any negative feedback. Its been a really good experience.

T. Miller, COO

Danielle always brings a fresh perspective and coaches me to think outside the box. Her discussions and assignments always help me make decisions in my career and personal life. I just got a raise because of our last session!!

K. Johnson, Lead Marketing Manager

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